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Fuck, what the.

Dreamed I was living in a dorm. Was happy.
Cat want's out. Cat always wants out. Cat runs back and forth from front door to back. But what if cat actually is ready to piss itself right this moment. Should I move from my chair to let the cat out. Such is my dilemma.
When I touch the cat, it purrs. I want a human like that. But I don't want said human to bitch at me all day long and run from the front door to the back door for no conceivable reason.
Oh god, can no longer drown cat out with music. Must get up. Then must go to bed. Was sleeping soundly at 11pm. Not sleepy now. Screwed. Drug self out of bed to get on computer. Not even sure why. Residual habit from when someone cared that I was online.
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