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Unhappy as a Clam.

I was just sitting there minding my own business in class today. Minding my own business consisted of nodding off as I'd been up all night slapping polaroids of the turkeys and deer (who would've killed me if given an ounce more time) I'd taken at the Nature Center onto pieces of paper and captioning them with such brilliance as, "Turkey" and "Deer" when the proffesor shouted:

"Culleen! You've got nails! Come up here and see if you can open up this clam for us."

I've never been one to open up shellfish in front of an audience. But there's a first time for everything.

So I tore off half my nails and was bleeding profusely for 10 minutes only to find out seconds later that Giant Squids are the only animals capable of prying clams open and that they do it with the jaws of life.

"Thanks Culleen. You're a good sport."

Oh no I'm not. If you and a giant squid are ever in my vicinity, lady, I'm going to volunteer you for some "pry open the biology teacher with a giant squid" game.

But I don't guess that will ever happen.
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