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Some things look better just passing through.

I've been looking up my professors on a rating website set up by students. And I'm finding that my particular professors have page after page of comments such as:

He was the worst psych teacher I've had during my 4 years.


If you are looking to be able to diagnose severe social disorders just observe this instructor. I think she may have a Louisville slugger up her ass.

Speaking of school, I noticed a male individual being myseriously friendly to me. He'd follow me around from building to building striking up conversations about my umbrella (it blew inside out and hit me in the face) and popping out at me in stairwells to shout, "Hi!" causing mild palpitations on my part. Finally I had to ask if I was supposed to know him.

"Aren't you Jenna's roommate?"

My face fell. No. Lord knows I wish I was. Suppose I just assume the identity of Jenna's roommate right then and there. Suppose I located Jenna and and went on home with her. Changed the locks. Assumed Jenna's roommates job as some sort of secretary and curled up with Jenna's roommates male companion each night. Hmm.

But I said no. And went through the motions of shaking his hand and telling him my own name, which I repeated 5 times as usual. And heard it reverberate around off the walls and in my head until I hated it and all it represented. Then shuffled off to class knowing I'd probably never speak to him again. Not necessarily because he wouldn't ever talk to me again, but because I'd duck into the bathroom whenever I saw him coming?

Need to work on that.
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