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"Goodmorning, Sacramento."

A Perfect Circle were awesome. I had an awesome time. Except when the drunk, belligerant man came barreling through the crowd and straight at me as if we were actually playing football and I was the unfortunate one standing there with the ball. He sent me a few feet back and into my brother, who kindly caught me.

A man behind me screamed, "WHERE THE FUCK IS PAZ!!" for about five minutes. I considered turning around and telling him if it would shut him up. Look buddy, I'm just as disappointed as you. Is Paz your hero? Noooo.

But it all started off with a man stooping down to where I was sitting in the aisle during the opening act, throwing his arms around me enthusiastically and shouting, "A PERFECT CIRCLE ROCKS!" directly into my ear. He spit a little too. I was deaf enough at that point. Was that really necessary? Don't we all mutually agree that A Perfect Circle rocks just by virtue of us being there? Tell someone who doesn't know, man.
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