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*** You are in dead baby jokes***

I rediscovered UK trivia quiz. It has been changed to "Pub Quiz" and was only displayed for AOLUK patrons. Does that acronym make any sense? America Online United Kingdom? Here's a corresponding acronym: WTF. Anyway, I entered the room and saw the same exact people I hadn't seen in three years. It was spooky.

I also entered a room entitled "dead baby jokes" to see if it was my estranged ex-thing who had started it. He loved dead babies, I explained. The man who turned out not to be him asked me what was wrong with me that I was attracted to such a man. This was a good question. I don't know. But I left the room quickly before I could get too attached to anyone else with an interest in dead babies and cause myself further woes of the heart.

I just looked at every single person on my friends list so as to acquire his or her aim name. I then "added budday" and then stared blankly at the budday list for a few seconds to see if they'd emerge from the graveyard of offline buddays. Nothing. I was going to say "hello" I guess and see how they would reply. They must find me to be of some sort of interest if they have befriended me, and therefor could possibly have a slight desire to banter pointlessly with me, yes?

Probably not. I need to spend less time staring at this idiot box and more time looking for a decent job stripping filing or answering phones somewhere.
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