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Let the rhythm enfold you. Let me hold you.

That guy came back into my work today. I looked up and saw his dazzling blue eyes and pearly grin gracing the Longs counter with his Brad Pitt presence.
"You just don't like anybody, do you?" he says, presumably from watching my transaction with the douchebag ahead of him.
"Pretty much," I say in a retarded girl voice that escaped my mouth without consulting my conscious mind.
"I bet you don't even like me," says Brad.
"I like you!" I squeal in my retarded Minnie Mouse voice.
He smiles. Says thank you, and saunters off with his Winston Light 100's.

I like you? I felt like Baby in Dirty Dancing. Why didn't I just say, "I carried a watermelon." Complete abortion. I was supposed to say something sultry and witty and we were supposed to have sex on the conveyer belt. I was then going to say "I don't think we're right for eachother Brad. We're two different people. Why don't you stand on your own two feet for a change blah blah blah" whilst puting my vest back on and returning to work.

God. Dammit.
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