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Give her a feather, she's a Cherokee.

This blonde lady the other day. She asked me if my hair was real. "! Is that your real hair?" were her exact words. I just stared blankly at her for a few seconds. What kind of goofballs are you hopped up on, lady. As if I would pay for this monstrosity that adorns my head. I think she meant the color though, because a few seconds later she added "reminds me of Cher."

I swear to God. People can't just be content with the process of exchanging currency for items. No, they're not happy unless they've told me I look like Cher. When someone starts to say "You know who you remind me of-" I interrupt them to say, yes. Yes I do. 1970s pseudo Native American Cher. Then they light up like a Christmas tree and nod enthusiastically.

Speaking of Native Americans, has anyone seen that Prop 68 commercial with the middle class white ladies shouting, "I thought Indian Casinos were to help out poor little Indians. They're making 8 billion dollars now? I didn't vote for that!!"

Holy fucking shit. I motion for Prop 69: scalping every single person who brought Prop 68 into existence, including the stupid bitches on that commercial.
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