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I'm pretty when I lie.

A lady writing a check asked me the date the other day. So I told her. She smiled and said, "Scott Peterson's birthday." I'm like, alright. Okay. Thanks for the info, lady. Am I supposed to celebrate accordingly or something. Hey guys. Let's close the store down. It's Scott Peterson's birthday. She proceeded to get in convo with the lady behind her about how he was a Scorpio, and how she thought while he had murdered his pregnant wife, it must have been just an accident.

I was shoving her shit in bags just as fast as I could so that I could get her out of my presence. She was about as tolerable to me as people with Bush stickers on their cars. On their fucking Hummers. On their fucking tanks. Scott Peterson's probably going to get off the same way Bush is going to be reelected. Because we're a nation of blithering idiots.

This has taken a negative turn. I was going to mention that I'm going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween. Even though I can hardly get my fat ass in the little green costume. I heard the girl beside me in the fitting room telling her friend that she was going to be a fairy, "cellulite on my ass and all." I was like, yeah me too. What the hell. I just like to take whatever opportunity I can to be blonde for a day.

Supposedly they have more fun.
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