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Pretty Girls Make Graves.

I hate people. My latest reason for hating people is due to the fact that they systematically hotlink my various Morrissey pictures and Fiona Apple songs that I've got uploaded on my webspace that I PAY FOR.

So this one particular bitch is using one of my songs in her doofy ass
"about me" section of her doofy ass MySpace profile. I guess the entire fucking song encompasses each and every aspect of her retarded life nicely. Anyway, I am never in the mood for these kinds of shenanigans. My life is crappy enough, okay? I don't need you eating up my bandwidth, retard. I have to save that for the two people who visit my site a month. So I uploaded a file of the guy saying "slut" and renamed it to the file she was linking.

I think that's more fitting than a Morrissey song in terms of describing her.
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