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Girl Afraid.

I told my newly Round Table employed brother that I recognized one of the guys that he worked with because he's a frequent customer of my very own place of employment. So my brother tells this guy that I recognized him. His reaction is to go into cardiac arrest and admit that he's had "the hugest crush" on me, the "skinny skinny dark haired girl" for the last several years but that he's extremely intimidated by me. "I go in there after work when I'm already drunk, buying more to drink, and she just scares the shit out of me. But I'm so in love with her."

My brother's response was that he should be afraid of me, because I am scary. Thanks bro. Nevertheless, he promised to get him a date with me in exchange for not having to tuck his shirt in at work, or some shit.

I think I'll be calling in sick the next few days.
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