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Destiny is calling me.

Pseudo-Brad came in with the wifey. I didn't even have time to freak out having been so engrossed in my article about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston's breakup. (Ironic, no?)

He told her, "This girl never smiles." She said, "That's not true, you're making her smile right now." This was one part because he was doing a retarded little dance and singing along to the Foreigner song over the speakers and one part because I grin like an idiot when he is within a ten mile radius of the building.

Wifey and I then got in a conversation about GrapeNuts while he went to get his own cigarettes. The whole twenty seconds we discussed the fact that GrapeNuts look and taste like gravel, I felt guilty. Guilty because I was not at all concerned with breakfast cereal, but rather my shock at how unattractive she was. I could only think of how easy it could be to seduce her husband the next time he returns without her.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.
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