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I seem to you to seek a new disaster every day.

Guy at In & Out: Can I get you anything else, my phone number?

I wish I had accepted his phone number, because he put my stuff in a box and not a bag (despite my assurance that I would not be eating in my car). While driving erratically as I so often do, I braked hard and sent beef, lettuce, tomato innards and fries sailing through the air, into the windshield and back onto me. Nice.

In my quest for employment, I field oh so relevant questions on interviews such as: "So you're looking to move out? With your boyfriend?"

Excuse me, but what does my non existent boyfriend, who, even if he did exist, I would never consider living with because I'm sure he would be a huge jackass, have to do with my ability to answer phones and do data entry? NOT A LOT.
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