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The happening.

Pixies show was awesomeness. The Warfield is a beautiful venue and the crowd was the nicest, most well-behaved crowd I've ever been in. They were handing out posters they used to advertise the show at the end. They're purple and pink. Score.

Alas, they didn't play Velouria. But they played other wonderful things. Kim Deal is the most elated musician ever. She laughed and grinned the entire time. Maybe it was because she was swilling from a beer bottle and not an Evian one.

We wandered around San Francisco during the day and went to sit by the ocean after the show. I got back today and applied at about 5 different restaurants. I was sooo distracted by all the crap stuck to the walls that I had trouble remembering my social security number. I was afraid the giant street signs or the faux moose heads were going to detach and crush me to death. I suppose that's something to consider when deciding whether to take jobs there or not. They'd have to offer them to me first, though. I would operate carnival rides at this point.
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