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Strange what desire will make foolish people do.

I somehow managed to walk in on the coworker changing clothes. It really wasn't that intricate, I just flung open the door to the back room and he was changing shirts. It was totally like the beginning of a porno. There was even a pizza guy there within seconds. True, Essential Offspring (Pretty Fly for a White Guy, specifically) was pumping over the store speakers (not what I would have chosen for such an intimate moment) but it was still pretty awesome. Everything went all slow-motiony and it was a bit like being on the set of Last of the Mohicans, or perhaps, being one of the last of the Mohicans. Or just next to one. (He looks like one. The last one).

He told me later he would be turning 18 next month, and did I know what that meant? No, I said. That we could legally make out, he said. I aint arguing that.

In other news, a Hindu couple followed me around the entire store from New Age to Pop/Rock singing "Don't Dream it's Over" at me (up to and including some painful falsettos) in the hopes that I would recognize it. I told them I had it at "Hey now" but neither seemed to get a grasp on that.
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