Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Everybody wants some.

My sister came to see me at work today. She said, "You poor dear. You have to stand around in flip flops and tank tops and listen to Van Halen all day."

I take so much shit for liking Van Halen as much as I do. For instance: Coworker: I can't get over how bad this song (Panama) sucks.
Other Coworker: Are you in your mid 40's and reliving your heyday?

Their double disc, Best of Both Worlds (Hagar and Roth, get it?) landed in the store stereo somehow and I am the only one rockin out to it. A guy came in and told me, "Honest to God, I haven't been in a Tower since 1985. And the last time I was in here, they were playing Van Halen."

I thought that was awesome. He said he'd come back in 2025 to see if it would occur again. I hope it does.
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