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Up for breakfast.

My boss gave me the Van Halen CD(s). Everyone cheered cause they didn't have to listen to it anymore. LOSERS.

I wandered by a display entirely devoted to Essentials. I did a double take. Could it be? Yes. Essential Kenny Loggins. Essential Dino. Essential Motorhead. I stood there staring at it for so long I grew cobwebs. NOTHING on that rack was essential. Not a goddamn thing.

I'm up too early. Can't sleep. Had to get drunk with the coworker/future roomate to try and forget the essentials rack. She convinced me to smoke pot for the first time with an end result of me throwing up down the side of her friend's jeep. He looked like Trent Reznor. I told him that but he didn't want to hear anything else out of me at that point.
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