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Dead can Dance.

I was having to listen to the new Darkness album which consisted mostly of him screaming "I like what you've done with your hair!" in a falsetto when a man approached me. He asks if we carry a certain artist's movies. I type in the query and start to tell him about a couple of concert DVD's that exist for them.

"Movies," he interrupts me, "Motion. Pictures."

I looked up from my computer and we locked eyes for several intense seconds in which I silently conveyed to him that he and his kind were largely responsible for my hatred of both the Christmas season and mankind in general.

Not all was lost. I learned two things today:

1. Garth Brook's entire catalog of music is only available at WalMart. I do not know why it never occurred to me that I have never encountered a single Garth Brooks item in my six months. Possibly because no one has asked me. So it's obviously common knowledge to the general inbred public that Garth Brook's songs about having friends in low places and what have you are only available at such a low place. This both boggles my mind and amuses me.

2. Mac Dre is dead. This (dead) man has put out approximately 200 CDs for each month I've worked and about 500 DVDs. I rang up an individual in a "RIP Mac Dre" shirt and was shocked. "Why should Mac Dre rest in peace," I asked, "Is he dead?"

"Shee-iiiiiit. Yes."

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