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I never learned enough.

Lately, I spend my days at work leafing through the classical and new age sections for things to fall asleep to. It's increasingly dificult, because background music isn't really bacground music to me. I will sit up in the dark and listen to something too beautiful.

I once had a teacher in high school who was talking about music for whatever reason. He said people would always ask him what he listened to while he was doing such and such an activity. Grading papers, working out. And he said he didn't listen to music while he was doing other things, because listening to music is a thing to do. I've always remembered that.

Speaking of high school, my waiter the other day didn't card me because he "remembered" me from there. I'd never seen him before in my life. I thought it was really sweet for him or anyone to have noted my existence there and recognize me now. I never said a word the entire 4 years. It made me feel just a leedle bit valuable.
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