Velouria (velouria) wrote,

My fabulous destiny.

I noticed, via the cover of Allure, that Amelié is in the Da Vinci Code movie. How queer is that. Pretty queer. She's still making Amelié faces. She is Amelié. There is no Audrey Tautou.

A guy asked for my number quite awhile back. He said that he'd been wanting to ask me out for quite some time. He is the guy on the International Imports commercials, for you local people. He is hot.

Does he call? No. Does another non-attractive, profoundly repulsive person with the same name begin randomly texting me so that I think it's him? Yes. Do I call him and ask him on a date for ten minutes before realizing I'm talking to an entirely different person? Yes, I do.

You will never hear a person's tone change so dramatically from the start of a conversation to its end as did take place in that conversation. By the end, I wanted to put a bullet in my head.

I may still.
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