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Choose Life

Hello. Hi. I'm sick of my portal mates. I'm sick of the fourteen year old nudist above me. She could be a very nice person. I don't care or anything, but she could be. I'm simply not interested in seeing scantily clad fourteen year olds. I'm sick of Slapass. Sick, sick, sick of Slapass. I had to look at him the first time we were even on there. I voted no. I voted hell no. Yet he still made it. There was a brief period in time when I did not have to look at Slapass. But it was far too short a time.
I mean, I like Caitlin. I like Booda. I like Belle. More so six months ago when she had an image. I normally do not bother talking about anyone. Because they're all busy concerning themselves with their "lives" and stuff and I just have no input on the situation. Of lives.
When Woody was deported from the portals, I cried. I still cry sometimes. If it's late at night and I'm cold. Well ok, lies. But I did frown a bit. And I was sad. I think everyone's crushed, but they won't admit it. Because if you associate with Woody, you are guilty of treason and are kicked off the portals yourself.
I'm being very careful with him.
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