Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Evil Little Girl.

I'm going to see VAST, love of my life, tonight in a little teeny bar. Was just thinking about how awesome it would be to sit close to the stage and catch his eye. Become thee girl in all Jon Crosby's songs. The tormentor.
But on the other hand, its kind of embarrassing even being in the same room with someone capable of such beauty. As soon as he even sees me in the crowd it will be just wrong. I am a totally insignificant speck of dildoness and he's having to be in a room with me. In Sacramento of all places. Not knowing how much affect his shit has on me. Or maybe he does, but it doesn't matter, or worse he doesn't give a shit. Or worse still, he's made physically ill by me.
I think I shall remain anon.
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