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Went back to Tower tonight. The people who bought it were in there, being dildos. Liquidating dildos. One studied me staring at him shoveling CDs into bins, and asked me if I worked here. I used to, I told him.

"I can tell."

What is it? Like when your mom looks at you after you've been devirginized? They just know. Like the lady that randomly asked me where Wynonna Judd was tonight. "In country, under W," I said sadly, "Because she dropped the Judd. Do you blame her?" No one paid me to say that. But I volunteered.

You made your sign too big, meanies.


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Oct. 8th, 2006 10:02 am (UTC)
I'd been following the story for a couple weeks now. First I read an article in Rolling Stone about how record companies stopped sending them new releases and then I went there a couple weeks ago to pick up some magazines for a class and I asked if they had U.S. News and Review and the guy at the counter said they had stopped sending new issues because "of the trouble with the company." I went to the one on Broadway earlier this evening and it's quite saddening that they're closing.

Speaking of dildos, I hate Barnes and Noble, same for Borders, it pisses me off that those will be the only store options for music/books/magazines/movies.
Oct. 8th, 2006 05:42 pm (UTC)
yes, it breaks my heart. i grew up in tower and virgin. i was sad to see virgin go here locally.
i wish tower had lowered their prices. all i heard until the bitter end (and during) was 'you're too expensive. you're too expensive. you're too expensive. i'm going somewhere else.'
but i guess you can't lower your prices when you're 200 million in debt.
i don't really like the beat for whatever reason. i don't know why. can't put my finger on it. dimple is a good place. they'll be the only.
tower was my favorite though. especially after working there.
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