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Nightmare of You.

I am living on 64 dollars. Afraid to take the car to the bank, or anywhere. It shakes and sputters worse than Katherine Hepburn, ultimately stalling me on an interstate offramp last week. This threw me into the largest panic I have ever been thrown into in my 25 years. Fortunately it started again, but I refuse to get back in it. I'd been dressing like a slut the last week to facilitate some man helping me shove it off the freeway and into the river.

The worst part of the art of public transportation is the stupid walking. Walk to the bus stop, where the bench is wet and I'm wearing white pants. Walk across 2 streets. Walk walk walk all the way to my office. It will be even more annoying in the upcoming 8 months of ballfreezing rain.

The first day, a blind guy sat on me. It was the most erotic thing to occur to me in a really long time. And I discovered that I was the only one to gets off at my stop on the entire bus. I had to pull the stupid cord, at which point it yelled "STOP REQUESTED!!!" at the top of its bus lungs. "Well not right this second," I said, causing everyone to stare at me. Even the blind guy.

There's a workshop for wayward teens and homeless dudes beside my work, and I just KNOW everyone thinks that's where I'm going. I've become the token crazie. Yay. How fitting.
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