Velouria (velouria) wrote,


Neighbor and I had another encounter. She stared at my new Toyota. I stared at her new Hyundai. Before I could even begin formulating a defense mechanism she then began blabbering a hundred miles an hour, nicely. I see you you got a new car too. I'm sorry about how I park. I'm so afraid to hit the pole (Uh yeah, it aint a picnic, I know from experience). Where'd you get it? How much is your interest rate? You don't even want to know what my interest rate is. Oooh Lord. Okay well, congratulations!"

This is the neighbor who has been parking diagonally in a horizontal space next to mine for the past 4 months, wadding up my notes and throwing them to the ground, and asking if I, Princess, had enough room the one time she encountered me in the dark.

I feel the weight of the world lifted off of me. Thank you Jesus. But how will I spend my evenings if not peering out the blinds in terror.
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