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I'm so tired. I would be in bed, but Earth Science is cancelled tomorrow. Which is good, because Earth Science is not on my list of top ten things to do after stumbling out of bed. Though, I did befriend a girl in there the other day. It was really cool. She was all caustic. And we sat there making fun of the rocks and giggling about how neither of us could tell the difference between a plutonic and volcanic rock and what's more, we did not give a flying fuck.
And we signed up together to go find and make note of some amazing wonder of nature which made such an impression on me I don't remember what the hell it was. All I know is that I was going to go make note of this wonder by myself. And now I am not.
My phone rang today while I was driving. I thought it was Woody. So, I nearly killed myself trying to answer it. Who was it? A guy asking for Rachel. I said I was not Rachel. He didn't hear me, which is understandable with my phone. I really wanted to hang up on this man, but he wanted to tell me, Rachel how much he missed me. I said I'm not Rachel.
"What baybeee, you gettin ready for tonight?"
I told him one more time that he had the wrong number, but he kept talking. So I flung the phone down without regard to whether or not I'd turned it off. I don't even care. Maybe he got to listen to my stereo. Perhaps it tided him over.
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