Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Look Great in 08.

Here is a rundown of my year thus far.

January 1: Discover flat tire on my way back from doing laundry. Become annoyed. Inspect it. See nail of enormous proportion wedged in new tire. Become more annoyed. Spend Christmas money fixing tire. Reach plateau of annoyance. Had I not been doing laundry (which I do biannually) I wouldn't have seen it, and would've probably died on my way to sister's for Heina night later that evening. Now strongly regretting doing laundry.

January 2: Continue to forget to buy shampoo, having run out of mine days ago. Forced to use St. Ive's Shea Butter Body Wash on hair when I remember that I forgot, again. Go to work in such a state.

January 3: Shea Butter Body Wash on hair. Again. Become aware that Dave Barry 2007 desktop calendar is no longer applicable. No more pages to turn. Regret not buying Garfield one seen weeks ago, having worried that cat paraphernalia will further reputation. Sit at desk with lifeless hair, no Garfield. Brave torrential rainfall to remedy these situations on lunch hour. Return to work wet, more lifeless, minus Garfield.

January 4: Can't hardly wait.
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