Velouria (velouria) wrote,

I said I didn't want a fucking subject.

This morning I backed into my garbage can in front of the neighbor I refer to as Steven Spielbergo. I then had to get out of the car without it running over me on the hill and chase the garbage can down the street. In front of Steven Speilbergo. Gah. That guy's a dick. I think. He just gives me mysterious hard looks all the time. And he parks his goddamn Astronomical Van in the middle of the road while loading stuff from his UV into it so that I have nearly come around the corner and died due to death by Astronomical Van several times.

Yeah. I am not bitching about my day. I find it amusing that my neighbor is a less attractive, foreign Steven Speilberg. I didn't mind chasing my garbage can down the street in front of him too badly. I am only concerned about the rear end of my car. You should be too.
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