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Godawful Hideous.

I was watching Project Runway (alone, *pout*) and they kicked off the one fat bear guy because his look was "too dark, too goth, ew" according to that one biz Nina. Ugh. He should have won. I would definitely wear all of that, human goth hair trimming and all.

Today was harrowing. I asked a coworker if the boss also sent him snotty emails. He gave me a shocked look, closed my door, and bent down to whisper:

"He sends you naughty emails? Have you told anyone else?"

No, just you. I enjoy them too much. Then I forgot my password to my computer because they make me change it every 5 days and I suffer from dementia a good deal of the time.

The IT people had to come by and crack it, informing me that it was a horrifically embarrassing string of swear words. I changed it to unicorn + swear word and wrote it on my arm in purple Sharpie. Hopefully it won't wash off before the next 5 days are up.
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