Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Strange Fruit.

A lady at work imparted some sort of piece of fruit to me today. I thanked her, but ended up drawing an apathetic face on it rather than eating it.

I went on to engage in a verbal sparring with both this woman and one of my supervisors mere hours later. They've been tearing apart and re-doing a project I'd worked on for months and whispering to the boss man about how they'd changed this and that on it and FOR NO GOOD REASON other than that I wear Van Halen shirts on occasion.

So I viciously made them aware of this and ordered them out of my presence before spending over an hour after they'd all left weeping and rubbing mass amounts of eyeliner all over my face as I tried to figure out how to apologize via email. The apathetic fruit gift looked on the entire time. I had to turn him around.

It's been a shitty week/month/year/life. So much so that I can not bear the thought of going back there tomorrow. I will be calling in "unwell."
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