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Takin what they're givin cause I'm workin for a livin.

I was going to call in sick today, but decided against it when I woke up in a good mood from my uninterrupted 8-hour Nyquil coma wherein I dreamed I was conversing with Patrick Swayze. I don't remember what we we're talking about, but I do remember that we ended up slow dancing. So I figured I would just take some Dayquil and go to work, maybe come across Patrick Swayze in the flesh.

I'm sitting there typing something, and Ex-Secretary (whose antics I've already detailed multiple times) comes in and starts rooting around in my credenza, claiming she needs something from it. So she's ransacking it, throwing things behind her shoulders left and right, exclaiming, "This doesn't go here, that shouldn't be there, what is this doing here?" etc., etc., etc., until my office looks post-nuclear bomb.

My boss will act similarly. He'll ask me for something, and before I can even reach over to get it, he'll be behind my desk, flipping through my diaries and staring at the nearly-nude Hannah Montana pictures on my AOL Entertainment News.

Am I just a deludinoid, or is this shit off the charts rude? I wouldn't dream of doing that to anyones workspace, and especially not if they were right there IN their workspace. And should I get promoted, if I spend 2/3rds of my day in the Secretary's office telling her how much she sucks, I want to be shot execution style.

Patrick Swayze never surfaced, so I went home at lunch. TGIF.
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