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Credit in the Straight World

In the midst of my generally lame day, I couldn't help but smile when all the news I read was about all the same-sex marriages taking place in California today. Every single picture from this article just features people grinning from ear to ear. How could anyone look at those and continue to compare two consenting adults getting married to someone marrying an animal, their relative, a child? It's born of fear and hatred. People only want what other people are granted in this country. Separate is not equal. We are all human beans, as an inmate once wrote me to say.

Speaking of inmates, I asked Lunch Wife if I should apply for an opening at the DMV today. She laughed hysterically and said that I knew that they were the only department with a worse reputation than the one we're in currently. "You're supposed to better yourself, Colleen!" I think at heart I secretly miss ripping on the general and not the incarcerated public. I had more to work with when they weren't behind bars. It appears as though they're getting a little more tolerable too. :]

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