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Happy fucking Labor Day.

I was physically thrown out of goth club and told never to return after slapping a bouncer across the face when he broke me and some chick up from making out.

I don't remember the chick, and I don't remember the bouncer. I'm sure the slapping was well-deserved, though.

The next morning I was pulled over by a cop that looked and sounded like Napoleon Dynamite's aunt, and given a ticket for an apparently non-functional brake light. But only after she scrutinized my license and registration for thirty minutes in her cruiser while we both faced certain death stopped alongside the autobahn.

When she finally handed it to me and said it had to be signed by a peace officer, I asked her if one of the ones at my work in Corrections could do it, and she snapped at me that they weren't real officers. For a brief second, I considered slapping her as well.

And I just noticed the ticket lists me as a male.
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