Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Gimme an O.

About 12 angry white people encircled me this morning upon my arrival at work and demanded to know what I expected to happen now in the new Obamaconomy I'd brought forth. Sunshine and roses? A golden utopia? Well I ought to prepare myself for when he drafts me into his massive Socialist army instead and sends me to Socialist boot camp in Chicago where if I'm lucky, I will make Lieutenant.

Excuse me aholes, but I'll definitely be making Captain Colleen at Socialist boot camp. I took revenge by consuming their entire stock of Halloween candy on the way to my office, and then playing around with the 950 dollars worth of pink envelopes I accidentally ordered yesterday without anyone's approval whatsoever.

But you can't win it all. Thanks for passing Prop "Sorry Fags, You Can't Get Married Again," California. Real progressive of you.
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