Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Paradise Lost.

I've lost my Notebook of Doom. There isn't a person alive (or dead) who has crossed my path that has not been given a scathing review in this notebook. I have searched high and low, and do not know where it could possibly be. Home, work, last interview I went on. Probably the latter. Could have something to do with the letter I read upon arriving home today:

Ms. Colleen:

Thank you for interviewing for us, but we've decided to go with someone much more qualified.

Um, fuck you. I've sent out a million rejector letters to interviewees and absolutely none of them sounded a goddamn thing like that. I hope the lightrail ran over and killed whomever wrote that the very moment he or she finished doing so and stepped outside. I hope the two bitches that interviewed me were on that particular lightrail car, and it was delayed 4 to 8 hours while they scraped the corpse of the letter's author off the tracks.
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