Velouria (velouria) wrote,


So now my car has taken to shitting anti-freeze everywhere it goes. People were actually laughing at me last night. There was this...lake of green crap from one end of the parking lot to another.
Amber is no help. I need a new friend. The hood almost falls on me, and she is standing there telling me about the mini disco ball she just bought.
I thought I had to work at 2 today, but it was 4. So when I found that out, I had to get the hell out of there before they saw me and asked if I wanted to start then. Because, like, the answer is no. No, I don't want to lift anymore ice than I have to today. 2 hours is roughly ten thousand pounds of ice and several cases of irreversible spinal chord damage.
It's Thursday!
Ruxpin is on the teevee.
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