Velouria (velouria) wrote,

The thanks I get.

I love finding out the soul-destroyingly dull guy who friended me on here and then thwarted every effort I made at communicating with him has unceremoniously unfriended me. Thank you for letting me look at pictures of you and your ugly girlfriend for longer than was absolutely necessary. 'Preciate it.

But enough about people I don't like. Lately I've found myself liking this Erik Hassle guy, and I'm not sure why. He is a ginger Swede who looks like Napoleon Dynamite with silly lyrics, but I would totally bone him. It must be the voice. I just want someone to grab my hands and look me in the eyes and sing, You don't know what you got til you're missing it a lot.

Even if they didn't know what they were saying 'cause they weren't speaking their native language, I would have multiple orgasms right then.
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