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I'm cold.

I tried putting this Nightmare Before Christmas theme on the computer because it's Halloween and I'm sick of looking at the "inside of my computer." That's the only theme anyone can seem to agree on so I am forced to look at constantly.

Anyhow, now it's shouting entire five minute dialogs at me when I minimize something.
I'm going to get the hard looks and the bin Laden tag in the morning. Ohhh well.

Speaking of Halloween, I bought little underwear with jack-o-lanterns on them. I'm always buying cute underwear. I need to stop. I have a total excess in cute or pretty or amusing underwear. ...It's not like anyone sees them but me.

I am running an experiment. If you read this thing, you must leave a comment on this entry. Even if you're a complete weirdo and I have no contact with you whatsoever. I want every single person who comes here repeatedly to comment.

Goodnight now.
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