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Cable Guy

I'm going to assume every friend and or complete weirdo has made their presence known to me now. So if in the future, you're some complete weirdo showing up making insane comments, I reserve every right to have you offed.
I have got to go to sleep before 1:00. Tomorrow, I have to go to the hell that is Earth Science so that I may marvel at rocks. Then the transmission place. Then the radiator shop. If I make it to the radiator shop. I do not know about that. My dad does not believe that there is anything wrong with the car. "Keep driving it! Jeez! Whine whine whine bitch bitch bitch! It's just a little leak!" Uh...IT GETS GODDAMN HOT AND IT FLOODS HORRIBLE TOXIC GREEN CRAP EVERYWHERE.
I need my own personal mechanic and cable installer. He would have rock hard abs and extreme expertise because it's his job to be an asshole to women whilst fixing cars, installing cable, and selling calculators.
I'm off to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling in the purple lights till I fall asleep. Whether I like it or not.
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