Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Robot Love.

MissCoIIeen:  i went to see i.t. guy cause its his birthday
MissCoIIeen:  i just wish he would stop being a fag
MissCoIIeen:  i'm fag enough for both of us
MissCoIIeen:  i need someone to NOT be a fag at least once
MissCoIIeen:  then maybe i can take over
RS11055678: AHEM.
RS11055678: I'm totally not faggy.
MissCoIIeen:  you're not a fag, i'm not calling you a fag
RS11055678: Oh okay.
Well that's fine then
MissCoIIeen:  he has this program on his computer
MissCoIIeen:  being an i.t. guy
RS11055678: Okay.
MissCoIIeen:  shut up
RS11055678: Go on.
MissCoIIeen:  he types something
MissCoIIeen:  this gets better i swear
RS11055678: Colleen. That's called Microsoft word.
RS11055678:  It's not that cool.
MissCoIIeen:  AND
RS11055678: Oh okay, my bad. Go on.
MissCoIIeen:  he can make anyone's computer on the network, which is corrections, which is fucking huge
MissCoIIeen : start saying it outloud in that stephen hawking voice
MissCoIIeen:  so today i'm sittin in the office
MissCoIIeen : and my computer says
MissCoIIeen : "goth girls are easy"
RS11055678: Okay, the story DID get better.
MissCoIIeen: yes
MissCoIIeen: it is the coolest thing that's ever happened to me at work
MissCoIIeen: and then it said "gregory would like for you to call him"
MissCoIIeen: so cute
RS11055678: He flirted with you via stephen hawking
MissCoIIeen: i knew it was him, because i'd watched him do it earlier
MissCoIIeen: there's two of them in the i.t room, and they'd talk to each other that way
MissCoIIeen: and they talked about me lewdly for half hour
MissCoIIeen: "will you share your birthday present?"
MissCoIIeen: "do i get top or bottom?"
MissCoIIeen: "let me think about it"
RS11055678: ROFL.
RS11055678: I'm surprised he didn't just ask you out through that.
MissCoIIeen:  i know. fag.
RS11055678: Srsly
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